Here’s How ATEEZ’s Hongjoong Tweeted Huge Spoilers Without Anybody Figuring Them Out

Looking back, it all seems so obvious!

On August 8, ATEEZ posted the title poster for Season Songs, their collaboration with Kim Jong Kook. Back when the album was first announced, fans were excited to see that their friendship extended even beyond Immortal Songs, and this teaser image only added more hype!

However, a few observant ATINYs pointed something out: the title, “바다 보러 갈래” (Do You Want To Go See The Sea?) seemed quite familiar…

That’s because the group’s leader, Hongjoong, had given a pretty obvious hint one week earlier! In a seemingly normal tweet, Hongjoong posted a few photos of a beach with the caption, “ATINY~ Do you want to go see the sea?👀”

Who would have thought that he would spoil the name of an entire title track in so far in advance!

However, we must admit that it was an extremely clever way to do it. After all, many ATINY speculated that the tweet had something to do with a comeback, but nobody was able to figure out exactly what it meant!

A popular prediction was that some kind of continuation onto one of their previous title tracks “Wave” could be a possibility.

But right when the title poster came out, fans were kicking themselves for not being able to figure it out sooner!

After all, this isn’t the first time that Hongjoong had used Twitter to give major spoilers. One of the most notable would have to be when he revealed the release date of their album Treasure EP.Fin: All To Action more than four months in advance!

On May 27, 2019, Hongjoong posted a few different angles of a phone case he had custom-painted for Wooyoung. Highlighted in bright yellow paint at the bottom were the numbers “10.08” – October 8th! For reference, the group’s official comeback announcement came out all the way in September.

So, the next time you want a hint about any new ATEEZ content, be sure to take an extra close look at Hongjoong’s tweets!