ATEEZ’s Hongjoong And Wooyoung Reveal Why They Like Stray Kids And We Can’t Get Enough Of Their Friendship

They only had positive things to say about Stray Kids!

The members of ATEEZ and Stray Kids have gotten closer over the course of Mnet‘s Kingdom, and fans are loving the new friendships.

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Wooyoung and Changbin have gotten especially close, and the two have become best friends. Hongjoong asked Wooyoung what he liked about Changbin, and he said “he has his charms,” and has a nice personality. He explained that Changbin has a different rap vibe from Hongjoong, to which Hongjoong agreed saying “Changbin is such a great rapper.”

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The both of them agreed that all the Stray Kids members were nice and cute, and Hongjoong said it was clear “they really cared about each other.” He also expressed how they always made him feel comfortable.

When I was talking to them and working with them, there was zero uncomfortableness. Even if it was our first time seeing each other, they made me feel comfortable.

— Hongjoong

Wooyoung (left) and Hongjoong (right) | ATEEZ/VLIVE

Hongjoong also mentioned he thought Bang Chan was cool, and that he was excited to be working with 3RACHA (Bang Chan, Changbin, and Han). We can’t wait to see more interactions between the two groups!

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