ATEEZ Hopes To Dance “HALA HALA” Even When They Become Grandfathers

They hope to perform for fans for a long time.

ATEEZ has upgraded as a group after taking on two large-scale world tours last year. Recently, they interviewed in Seoul and shared their feelings about going on tour.

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After the pandemic, ATEEZ held a world tour in the first half of last year, which started in Seoul and continued to different countries for about seven months. Then, in the second half of 2022, they continued with the world tour and met with even more fans around the globe.

When asked if they could feel the global popularity, San replied, “I seem to think that way as the scale of the concert venues grows. I am grateful that many people came to the concert to see us. I am grateful because it is not an easy task to come. These days, I feel like I want to meet more ATINYs.”

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Hongjoong added, “I was invited to Paris fashion week, but I was very worried before going. However, seeing that many designers and celebrities already knew of us and were curious about our activities proved that we have grown a lot and that many people are watching over us.”

After an explosive response from fans, they have prepared an encore concert to thank fans.

This Is to repay the fans. Thanks to the passionate love from fans, we had a strong desire to show more and we felt that an encore concert would be the best way, so we decided to make a better stage to show our fans.

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Wooyoung added, “We started the tour in Korea and we wanted to show our Korean fans that we’ve grown and changed this much. Since they have been waiting a long time for us, we wanted to show a good side to them.”

Lastly, when discussing their final goals, Wooyoung commented, “When it comes to goals, it is to find the middle ground between what ATINY wants to see and ATEEZ’s identity. Also, since our goal is to be a group that promotes for a long time, like senior groups such as Shinhwa, we want to show a lot of good performances and images. We told our fans that we would dance ‘Hala Hala’ even when we become grandfathers, and they liked that.”

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