ATEEZ’s Jongho Proves He’s Not Like Other K-Pop Idols By Putting A Tough Twist On A Cute Pose

Mingi wasn’t having it 😂

Though Jongho is the youngest member of ATEEZ, he often doesn’t act like it due to his maturity, strength, and overall vibe!


Of course, he does still have his moments of cuteness, but they are fewer than some of the other members of ATEEZ who are naturally more boyish and silly and really lean into that part of their character. In fact, there have been times where the members have been asked the mental ages of each of the members of ATEEZ, and Jongho pretty much always is ranked at the oldest mentally!

Recently, a clip has been going around on ATINY Twitter that has fans laughing at how characteristic it is of the members included — Jongho, Mingi, and Wooyoung — when they’re posing for a photo.

ATEEZ’s maknae line: Mingi, Jongho, Wooyoung, and San

While Mingi and Wooyoung have no problem making overly scared expressions for the picture, Jongho is reluctant to do so. And when Mingi nudges him to join them, instead of doing the same pose as the other two, he makes it a tough pose by raising his fists in front of his face instead!

The clip is all in good fun and really shows how Jongho’s “tough” personality isn’t just a show that he puts on for fans.

Here is how some ATINYs are reacting to the clip on social media!

We love to see K-Pop acting like their true, authentic selves!