Jongho Proved He Really Is The “Oldest” Member Of ATEEZ With His Calm Demeanor On Their Horror Show

The contrast between him and ATEEZ’s oldest was hilarious 😂

ATEEZ just released their first episode of their new horror show, “Stressor Things”, in which the members have to work to escape a haunted house.

In the first episode, the group was split into three teams in order to find a specific card hidden inside of a creepy room full of jumpscares. The teams were Hongjoong, Yeosang, and Wooyoung; Jongho and Seonghwa; and Yunho and San (Mingi was on hiatus at the time of filming).

| @ATEEZofficial/Twitter

The majority of the members were visibly spooked at the entire ordeal, especially Wooyoung (who ended up “kissing” the floor at one point), Hongjoong, and San!

On the other hand, both Yunho and Jongho seemed unbothered, especially the group’s maknae. From the very beginning of the “creepy” encounters, Jongho is nothing but calm, cool, and collected.

When it was time for the members to do their task, Jongho was paired with the oldest member of ATEEZ — Seonghwa — and the difference in reactions between the two of them is just hilarious.

ATINYs just can’t get over how chill he was for the entire episode 😂

It might make you remember that nearly all of the members of ATEEZ listed Jongho as having the oldest “mental age” of the group…

And this show definitely seems to be proof of that! 😂