Here Is What ATEEZ’s Jongho Had To Say When He Was Asked If He Likes MONSTA X

This is how much of a MONBEBE he really is.

While promoting their new comeback album, Zero: Fever Epilogue, ATEEZ sat down to review their presence on social media. They also answered several interesting questions, and towards the end, Wooyoung read out a question asking Jongho if he liked MONSTA X.

Without any hesitation, Jongho replied that yes, he is a MONBEBE. In fact, he revealed that he is such a fan that MONSTA X once personally gifted him a signed album!

The signed album was from MONSTA X’s “Shoot Out” comeback, though Seonghwa also added that Jongho has actually been a MONBEBE since even before the “Shoot Out” era.

It’s touching to see this side of Jongho, and it’s nice to know that MONSTA X were able to give him a signed copy of their album themselves. Jongho really is a successful fan! MONTINYs will be very excited about this interaction between the members of two legendary groups.

While members of ATEEZ and MONSTA X did collaborate together this year on a project (“Summer Taste”), Jongho has yet to work with MONSTA X, so it would certainly be exciting to see that happen at some point. In the meantime, both groups are in the middle of a comeback at the moment, so fans have a lot to look forward to this month!