ATEEZ’s Jongho And SF9’s Hwiyoung And Chani Have An “Imitation” Reunion In NYC

Fans are loving the Imitation reunion!

ATEEZ‘s Jongho and SF9‘s Hwiyoung and Chani had a reunion recently when their schedules both aligned in New York City! ATEEZ is currently at the tail-end of their tour THE FELLOWSHIP: BREAK THE WALL, while SF9 just started their DELIGHT tour.

ATEEZ’s Jongho, SF9’s Hwiyoung and Chani | @hwiyoung_usa/Twitter

Fans will remember the three idols were in a fictional K-Pop group together named SHAX in the 2021 K-Drama Imitation. Also, fans can recall both SF9 and ATEEZ were contestants in the 2021 K-Pop competition show Kingdom! The two groups share quite a bit of history!

SHAX | Imitation/Viki

Fans found out about the reunion by Jongho posting on his Universe private messages about how he met his friends from SF9.

My friends are in New York too! We met and had dinner (grilled pork belly meats) together. I got to see Hwiyoung and Chani. Yes, a regular meeting for SHAX!


Imitation also featured another fictional K-Pop group, named Sparkling, which featured three ATEEZ members, Yunho, San, and Seonghwa. Within the same day as Jongho, Hwiyoung, and Chani meeting for dinner, the Sparkling boys went live for fans! Fans got to see reunions of both groups featured in Imitation, and they did not disappoint!

Fans were excited to see the three idols hanging out and supporting each other long after their drama had ended!