A Trained Singer Explained Why ATEEZ’s Jongho Has Incredible Vocal Technique

He’s basically a genius when it comes to singing AND performing.

Recently, a Twitter user named @ariadesuu, who has trained in classical voice in theater since they were young, discussed the reasons why ATEEZ‘s Jongho has incredible vocal technique in his performances!

TheΒ maknae of ATEEZ has been praised for being one of the most promising and powerful vocalists of the current generation of K-Pop, and the fact that he is able to sing so well while performing intense choreographies is absolutely incredible. Even experienced vocalists in the industry such as BTOB‘s Eunkwang have praised his talents.

But just what is it about Jongho’s techniques that allow him to pull off both together so flawlessly?

The first thing that @ariadesuu brings up is body posture. Because body posture is so important in being able to sing well — such as having both feet planted firmly on the ground, back straight, shoulders down and back, etc. — there’s no doubt that singing while dancing intensely is much more difficult than standing still.

The reason for this is so that your body needs to be relaxed enough to not constrict your lungs, and so you’re balanced and grounded when you breathe out.

And so, this is why Jongho being so physically strong is so important! Yes, he is strong enough to rip apples in half with his bare hands and can carry the biggest members of ATEEZ with no problem, but having such a powerful build is critical to his ability to sing so well while in motion.

Continuing with the importance of posture, another very important aspect of it is head placement. Because of where your vocal cords are in your throat, twisting and turning your head around can disrupt or constrict them and cause breaks in your voice, especially when hitting high notes.

According to this trained singer, Jongho always appears to be in the position that would best prevent him from putting tension on his vocal cords. The fact that he can do this while still keeping up with ATEEZ’s choreographies is incredible!

The next aspect discussed is the importance of breathing. This probably isn’t new knowledge to anyone, but in order to sing, you need to be able to breathe! And since dancing, especially as hard as ATEEZ tends to, can easily make a person out of breath, Jongho has to have incredible stamina to be able to not be impacted by it.

Having a ton of stamina isn’t the only thing Jongho has working on his side, however. He’s also very controlled in his movements, allowing himself to conserve enough energy during his performance to be able to keep up with the demands his singing requires.

He’s able to determine exactly where in each performance he needs to allow himself to take a break to recharge. Add this to everything else that he has to remember and do in every single show that ATEEZ puts on, and no one can deny that he’s unbelievably talented when it comes to not just singing, but performing as well.

While there are other skills required for Jongho to be able to sing as well as he does, these are two of the main components that are necessary for him to do well.

So the next time you watch Jongho perform, try to see if you can spot him putting these skills to use!

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