ATEEZ Did A “Try Not To Sing Challenge” To K-Pop, Here’s What Happened

They tried not to react to BTS, BLACKPINK, and more.

Can a group of professional singers pass the “Try Not To Sing Along Challenge”? ATEEZ put themselves to the test, and the results were hilarious.


FBE, a YouTube channel known for their “React” videos, invited ATEEZ to try the “Try Not To Sing Along Challenge”. While a music video is playing, no singing, dancing, moving to the beat, or lip syncing is allowed.


FBE did not go easy on ATEEZ. BTS’s “IDOL” was the first song played, and the members failed almost immediately. They just couldn’t help it!


ATEEZ managed to hold out longer while listening to their own song, “Treasure”, since they had heard it so many time. BLACKPINK‘s “DDU-DU DDU-DU” was a totally different story. As soon as it started, ATEEZ’s faces lit up…


…and before long, they were ddu-du ddu-ing along with BLACKPINK!


ATEEZ nearly made it through all of “Treasure”, but they had a much harder time holding back when their other song, “Say My Name” played.


ATEEZ became their own biggest fanboys. All the members just had to sing and dance along…


Well, almost all the members!


In the end, ATEEZ won the challenge. It was largely thanks to Jongho, who controlled his impulses…until the challenge ended!


To find out which American pop songs ATEEZ reacted to, check out the video below.