ATEEZ Look Back And Reminisce On Their First Music Show Win

It was a day that both the band and their fans will never forget!

ATEEZ recently appeared in a video for Esquire, the members reacted to various moments, memes, and public appearances in the channel’s series Explain This.

During the video, ATEEZ looked back at some of the most iconic moments in their career. One of the clips shown was a Mnet fancam from when the group won first place for “Wave” in June 2019.

Yunho explained how it was thanks to their fans, ATINY, that they could never forget that day and the feelings they had.

The group then had a closer look at the fancam and realized that Yeosang could not actually be seen because Wooyoung had hidden him!

Yeosang explained his feelings about being hidden, adding, “He did… on a meaningful day.”

Wooyoung tried to find a reason why he did this but ended up explaining the emotions he felt on that day!

I wasn’t going to cry at first. Then I thought about our past and wiped once. I thought I should stop crying, and I looked back at Yeosang and cried once more! Then I saw all you guys and cried again.

— ATEEZ Wooyoung

They then explained how they did not actually do their winners encore properly because all of the members could not stop crying! Wooyoung added that Yunho was the only one who ran around the stage in excitement!

It was an unforgettable moment for all the members, which is probably how many of their fans feel.

You can watch the ATEEZ members reacting to other moments in their career, including their US television debut and the time San went undercover, on Esquire’s YouTube channel!