The Members Of ATEEZ Lovingly Tease Yeosang By Praising TXT Soobin’s MCing Skills On “Music Bank”

They’re both amazing MCs!

ATEEZ and TXT have the cutest friendship and they have proved it several times! From mentioning each other during live broadcasts to showing each other endless support, it’s clear the two groups are close.

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More recently, ATEEZ gave a cute little shoutout to TXT’s leader Soobin all while teasing their member Yeosang.

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During a recent episode of ATEEZ’s Idol Human Theater, it was mentioned how Mingi stated that they are the sons of KBS as they have participated in several works with the network.

It was then that the member’s teased Yeosang as he has close ties with a different network, SBS. For those who may not know, Yeosang is currently one of the MCs on SBS’s music program The Show.

After it was mentioned how Yeosang is actually the son of SBS more than he is KBS, Wooyoung made the funny comment, “The best MC is Soobin.” Soobin is currently an MC on KBS’s Music Bank alongside Oh My GirlsArin (known together as AKONG). San added in, “The best MC is AKONG.

San continued and complimented Soobin’s tall height as well as handsome visuals!

Soobin is attractively tall and handsome. He sings and dances really well too!

— San

Of course, the members are merely teasing Yeosang and Wooyoung commented, “I am joking Yeosang.” In response, Yeosang sweetly shared, “I love all MCs.”

During the member’s interview portion of the show, a staff member asked once again, “Is AKONG the best MC?” San jokingly responded “AKONG is the best” while Jongho innocently kept this opinion to himself and shared, “I don’t want to fight.

Check out the video below: