You Can Tell When ATEEZ’s Members Are On Or Off Stage Just By Looking At Their Eyes

They always get so into character when they perform!

ATEEZ‘s members specialize in all areas of performance, and one thing they’re often praised for in particular is how well they’re able to get into character when they’re on-stage.

Whether the song is dark and intense or bright and cheerful, all of the group’s members seem to slip into the concept with ease and perfectly portray whatever emotions they’re trying to get across!

There’s even a trend on Twitter comparing how the members look on-stage compared to off-stage, simply by how their eyes shift completely depending on which place they’re in.

Hongjoong is often said to have been born to be on stage, and there’s no mistaking how he captivates an audience with his gaze whenever he performs. When he’s not performing, though, his eyes are still sharp and intelligent, but full of warmth for ATINYs!

Seonghwa has arguably the biggest change between the two. He has beautiful, star-filled eyes when he’s interacting with fans or experiencing something new (first life theory, anyone?), but when he’s performing, he’s as intense and convincing as they come!

Even Yunho and his adorable puppy-like features can shift into something much sharper and dominating when he’s on stage, which shouldn’t be a surprise for such a performance king!

Yeosang and his gorgeous visuals look equally stunning whether on-stage or off, but he whereas he looks incredibly soft and sweet when not performing, he becomes a stunning and enchanting stage god when he is!

San‘s cat-like visuals make him look almost wild and fierce when he really gets into character — something he in particular is often praised for — but in reality, he’s such a soft, cute sweetheart who wouldn’t hurt a fly!

Mingi‘s height, deep voice, and intense aura on-stage may seem intimidating to those who aren’t familiar with what he’s like, but all it takes is seeing his sweet eye-smile and it’s impossible to not melt at his adorableness!

There’s a reason Wooyoung was the first ATEEZ member to be chosen for Studio Choom‘s “Artist of the Month”, given how he always captivates an audience’s attention, but ATINYs know that he’s really just a cute and playful guy with powerful performance abilities!

And finally, Jongho certainly deserves to be recognized for his duality as well! Even though his singing abilities are never less than phenomenal whether on-stage or off, he’s such a powerful presence when performing that it’s easy to forget he’s the group’s adorable teddy bear maknae!

There’s no denying that all of ATEEZ’s members have the duality ability down to a science, which is one of their many talents that make them so fun to watch perform!