ATEEZ’s Members Show They’re Incredibly Body Positive In Resurfaced Clips On Twitter

They’re always there to crush any insecurities the other members have!

If you’re a fan of ATEEZ, you already know that the members seem to share a genuinely close, loving bond with each other, always showing their care and support for any member who is having a hard time. Of course, it comes with its fair share of playful teasing too!

ATEEZ | @ATEEZofficial/Twitter

One thing that the members have never taken lightly, however, is being considerate and kind to each other when it comes to body image. The topic of an idol’s weight is a terribly common and criticized thing for both fans and the idols themselves to discuss, and it has undoubtedly led to body image issues in the industry.

In a recent resurfaced clip posted on Twitter of members SeonghwaHongjoong, and San, the latter two members quickly chime in with support when Seonghwa vocalizes criticism of his own weight.

Here’s an accurate representation of how Hongjoong reacted to Seonghwa’s criticism of himself!

Several comments on the original post shared other instances of ATEEZ’s members being body positive as well, which shows that this isn’t an isolated incident.

For example, San once talked on Universe about how he enjoys belly fat on others, especially his fellow members!

This clip shows Jongho complimenting Mingi‘s legs after he made a self-depricating comment.

And it’s not just about weight either. During a livestream, Hongjoong calmly and eloquently clapped back at someone who had made a hurtful comment towards Yeosang.

Other commenters shared how the members’ words and behavior has positively impacted them and their own self-image, and how appreciative they are of the members supporting each other.

There’s just so much to love about this supportive, kind, and loving group of talented men!