ATEEZ’s Mingi Was Caught In A Hilarious Lie When Jongho Tested His “Imitation” Knowledge

“WHAAAT, of course I know!”

On July 22, ATEEZ members Jongho, Mingi, and Yunho hosted their own Twitter space in order to interact more with their fans while in quarantine.

A fan edit of Yunho, Jongho, and Mingi’s profile pictures | @ateezjpeg/Twitter

At one point during their conversation, the topic of Imitation (the K-Drama series both Jongho and Yunho are currently starring in) came up. Despite the fact that Mingi claimed he had paid close attention while watching every episode, Jongho didn’t seem to buy it. So, he tried testing Mingi’s knowledge with a simple question:

Jongho: Do you know the names of our characters on the show?
Mingi: WHAAAT, of course I know!
Jongho: Yeah, of course you know!
Mingi: I do know, obviously.
Jongho: So I’ll give you 3 seconds. 3…
Mingi: It’s Yujin and…

While Mingi did seem to remember that Yunho played the role of Yujin, he just couldn’t come up with the name of Jongho’s character, Hyeok, at all!

Yunho as ‘Yujin’ and Jongho as ‘Hyeok’ | KBS2

So, he tried to pull one over on the other two boys and ask his good friend Google for help. Unfortunately for Mingi, however, one little thing gave him away: the sound of his keyboard!

Jongho: Oh what the- Are you looking it up?! I CAN HEAR YOU TYPING!
Mingi: What do you mean?!
Jongho: I HEAR YOUR KEYBOARD CLICKING. You obviously typed I-M-I-T-A-T-I-O-N.
Yunho: LOL I almost spit out my water, man…
Mingi: Oh… man, you can hear that?
Jongho: …WHAT?!
Mingi: You can hear me type?

ATINYs everywhere found the entire exchange quite humorous, sharing their thoughts and making memes on Twitter:

You can listen to the trio’s full audio clip here!