ATEEZ’s Mingi Wanted To Collaborate With American Artist MAX — Here’s Why It Could Actually Be Happening

Now we need this to be real!

Fans are hoping that a collaboration between ATEEZ‘s rapper Mingi and American artist MAX is in the works after recent social media updates seemed to leave some clues.

Things first started in 2020 when Mingi named MAX as one of the Western artists he would like to collaborate with. MAX posted about it on his Instagram story, thanking Mingi for the shoutout…

MAX’s Instagram story on October 3, 2022 | @mingiwo/Twitter

…before proving his ATINY status by actually attending one of ATEEZ’s concerts during the American leg of their 2022 world tour, The Fellowship: Beginning of the End.

MAX at ATEEZ’s concert on February 1, 2022 | @SoCalAtiny/Twitter

Not only that, but the two actually met on the day of the concert and posted some cute selfies together to social media afterwards. The pictures were uploaded both to MAX’s Twitter account and ATEEZ’s Instagram account…

MAX and Mingi | @ateez_official_/Instagram

…and it’s clear that both of them were really happy to be meeting!

Mingi took to the platform UNIVERSE afterwards to talk about the encounter and had fans melting over his adorable fanboying. He said he was extremely touched and happy about the meeting with MAX, and joked about how “Mingi is [now] a superstar.”

He also strongly recommended MAX’s song “Acid Dreams” to ATINYs, proving that he’s just as big a fan of MAX as MAX seems to be of ATEEZ. But cute as Mingi’s messages on UNIVERSE were, MAX’s Twitter update on the day of their meeting was even more intriguing, as he cryptically posted, “Been deep in album mode and writing for other artists. Miss you all.”

While neither artist has made any direct comment regarding a collaboration, the timing of MAX’s tweet is a little conspicuous, as it was posted within an hour of the selfies with Mingi. A project between these two could really have the potential to be truly unique. And now fans are excited over the possibilities!

It remains to be seen whether anything will come of this, or whether it truly was just a meeting between two artists with mutual admiration for each other. But in any case, fans are at least happy Mingi got to meet one of his favorite artists!