ATEEZ’s Mingi Reveals His Most Embarrassing Stage Accident

He wants it to get buried in the past.

Whether an idol has years of experience or has stepped on stage for the very first time, there’s no surefire way to avoid an accident. As part of ATEEZ‘s Online ATINY Party: Crescent, every member opened up about their most embarrassing ones from before and after debut.

With his diary entry put on display, Mingi revealed that it happened less than a year ago.

Laughing to ease his embarrassment over the situation, he read the entry aloud. He paused halfway through to scream his frustration:

Mingi’s Mic. What perfect timing. The adequate strength of your wrist. Special moves that I’ve practiced thousands of times. But, why? The mic just got out of my hand. I feel like I’m going to stay up all night tonight.

As soon as he finished reading, the rest of the members immediately knew what he’d been referring to. San explained, “It was at Music Bank. It was the ‘Horizon’ stage, right? Actually, flipping a mic is…” Mingi couldn’t stay seated, still upset from the mistake.

San could understand why. He defended Mingi, “Flipping a mic is a technique that members like. We practiced it a lot, but it’s still really easy to make a mistake.” He wasn’t the only one who agreed.

Hongjoong shared the sentiment, revealing how he’d always felt confident in Mingi’s skills but not so much his own when it came to mic flipping:

Actually, I did it a lot. I’ve been doing it on “Answer” stages. But, I was nervous every time. For Mingi, I’ve never doubted him to make a mistake for “Horizon” stages. Because he’s done it well even at KCON and other big stages. But all of a sudden, at the “Horizon” stage, something was flying away. And Mingi was dancing with both hands freely. I was like, ‘Huh? Something went wrong.’

Mingi attempted to turn the literal mic drop into a positive situation, pointing out how humorous fans thought it had been. The serious face he made said otherwise, though. “I did it well on the big stages. I think ATINY found it very funny. I know I made a mistake. But, I’m so happy that fans are laughing at me.”

Wooyoung wasn’t so sure, asking, “So, are you okay with that?” Hongjoong also told Mingi to speak honestly about it, “Please tell us clearly. Can we laugh at the video?”

Making everyone laugh, Mingi didn’t hold back. Putting the stage mishap behind him, he announced, “I honestly want the video to be deleted.” Instead, he and Hongjoong recommended ATINY watch their stage of BLOCK B‘s “Very Good” where Mingi did the mic flip successfully to replace the memory.

Watch Mingi poke fun at fumbling his mic flip before burying it once and for all, starting at 17:38.