ATEEZ Names Their Biggest K-Pop “Rival,” And The Answer Shows The Group’s True Personality

It might not be who you expect.

ATEEZ recently brought their fun and hilariously chaotic energy to Sunmi‘s Showterview with Sunmi for a memorable episode of the show.

(From left to right) ATEEZ’s Yeosang, Yunho, San, and Seonghwa, soloist Sunmi, ATEEZ’s Wooyoung, Hongjoong, Mingi, and Jongho on “Showterview” | @zhouang/Twitter

ATEEZ kicked off their interview with a unique group greeting, singing and dancing their way through introducing themselves.

They then eagerly showed Sunmi their dance cover of her hit song “Gashina,” earning praise from Sunmi for their smooth rendition.

To welcome Sunmi to the world of ATEEZ, the group’s leader and captain, Hongjoong, rolled out a whiteboard and gave Sunmi a brief history of their discography and concept storyline.

Once Sunmi was fully immersed in ATEEZ’s universe, she began a game of “I Have vs. I Have Never,” where she asked the group some hard-hitting questions to get to know them better.

Through the questions, the ATEEZ members even learned more about themselves, including Wooyoung, who was informed he and Hongjoong had a fight that he didn’t know about.

As the questions progressed, they became increasingly difficult to answer for the group. The final question took ATEEZ by surprise, with Wooyoung hilariously clarifying that Sunmi was going off-script.

Sunmi had asked if the group ever felt rivalry with other male K-Pop idol groups, to which most of the members replied that they had. San was the first person to speak up, revealing that his biggest rival was his own group.

While viewers might have expected a more “scandalous” response, the answers ATEEZ did provide quickly took a heartwarming turn and proved their close friendship. 

Seonghwa agreed with San’s statement, sharing that San often reviews the group’s videos and performances multiple times. San revealed that he felt he had a lot to learn from his fellow members.

Wooyoung also shared that although their answer was unexpected, it was true to the group’s overall personality. If one member participated in activities to become a stronger artist and performer, the other members were inspired to participate too.

Wooyoung stated that their passion for learning and growing motivates them and makes them a strong team. Sunmi was amazed at the insightful and honest answer.

Check out the full video for more of the fun interview!