ATEEZ Now Has An Official “Oreo Line”, And It’s Hot AF

The power these three hold 🥵

ATEEZ‘s leader Hongjoong recently changed his hair to an iconic black and white two-tone look, and fans are still swooning over it.

The look has given Hongjoong the new nickname “Oreo Joong”, and many ATINYs have even been making fanart of his new visuals!

With this new look, Hongjoong has officially joined what ATINYs are dubbing the “Oreo line” of ATEEZ!

San was the first of the three to have black and white hair, back from around early 2020 during the group’s “Answer” era.

More recently, Wooyoung also rocked the two-toned look last spring, making fans swoon with the peek-a-boo style he wore in so many different ways during ATEEZ’s time on Kingdom: Legendary War!

Now with Hongjoong joining his two fellow members with this color trend, ATEEZ has a proper “Oreo line”.

Try to name a more iconic trio!

ATEEZ is about to embark on the European leg of their world tour, The Fellowship: Beginning of the End, beginning on April 23 in Madrid, where lucky fans will get to see Hongjoong’s new hair in person! They’re also preparing for their Japanese comeback, Beyond: Zero, to be released on May 25.