ATEEZ Put The Safety Of Their Fans Above All Else At Their LA Concert

Overcrowding led to a dangerous situation but ATEEZ’s quick actions ensured fans’ safety.

ATEEZ dealt with a dangerous situation in the best way possible and put the safety of their fans above all else during their first world tour stop.


On March 15, ATEEZ kicked off their world tour with a stop in Los Angeles. The concert started off without a hitch and showed just how impressive and stunning ATEEZ really are.


The members also made sure that ATINYs around the world could experience this first concert with them.


This concert was a great and memorable moment for everyone. There was only one problem, the arena where the concert was held was overcrowded. Some fans revealed that during the concert, other fans were getting pushed back into the hallway.


Fans were asked to take a step back to prevent further pushing but unfortunately, there wasn’t enough room to really do so. Some fans almost passed out because of the conditions, but ATEEZ had a solution to keep their fans safe. First, they decided to pause the concert and walk off stage to prevent the situation from getting worse.


Then they, along with staff at the venue, began handing out water bottles to all the fans.


When they finally came back on stage to resume the concert, they also kept a close eye on all their fans and made sure they were kept well hydrated.


Thanks to their quick thinking, the rest of the concert went off without a hitch and ATEEZ ended the event with an incredible song to their fans.


So despite the overcrowding in the venue and the potentially dangerous situation, ATEEZ not only made sure that ATINY had a great time they also made sure that everyone was safe.