ATEEZ Reveals Each Of The Member’s Unique Charms In Exclusive Interview

ATINY would definitely agree with their self-proclaimed charms.

ATEEZ has been making waves on their first U.S. tour, which kicked off barely six months since their debut in October 2018.

Following their last stop of their tour in New York, ATEEZ spoke to Billboard and revealed the unique strengths and charms that made ATEEZ the dynamic group we see today.

1. Hongjoong

Hongjoong shared that his charm is that he is able to get better still. Also, that he loves ATINY continually.

2. Yunho

Yunho felt that he offers up great performances, and that he has a beagle-like personality.

3. Mingi

Mingi said that he offers up a special ATEEZ energy!

4. Wooyoung

Wooyoung highlighted that there is a difference between the Wooyoung we see on stage versus the Wooyoung off stage.

5. San

San mentioned that he has very many charms.

6. Yeosang

Yeosang may look like he has a cold personality, but he is actually a very warm person.

7. Jongho

Jongho may look strong, but he is cute inside. As the youngest member, it is quite fitting.

8. Seonghwa

Seonghwa mentioned that the first impression when you meet him changes after you get to know him.

Source: Billboard