This Rookie Boy Group Completely Sold Out Their World Tour

And it’s only been 4 months since they debuted!

Normally rookie groups don’t go on world tours but not only has one boy group announced they’re taking on the world stage, they’ve also completely sold out that same world tour!


ATEEZ only debuted 4 months ago but they certainly took the K-Pop world by storm. When their mini album “Treasure EP.2: Zero to One” came out, it sold 1,000 copies immediately in the US and landed them on multiple charts.


With every new release they have continued to impress everyone and not too long ago the group also revealed they’d be doing a world tour! The group is hitting up the US in March…


And various countries in Europe in April.


But some fans got a huge surprise when they attempted to buy tickets to their concerts. The tickets were completely sold out in every single one of their locations! Only a few minutes of becoming available, their entire world tour sold out!


In 4 months, they’ve already topped charts, sold an amazing amount of albums, and completely sold out their world tour! Congratulations ATEEZ!