ATEEZ’s San Cried Over Exclusion From A BTS Cover As A Trainee, But Later Impressed BTS As An Idol

Jungkook’s face says just how far San has come.

ATEEZ have been big fans of BTS ever since they were trainees. San, in particular, was such a fan that his exclusion from performing a BTS cover when he was a trainee had him completely heartbroken.


The memory came out when ATEEZ were playing a game. They had to guess the specifics of why San had cried over it. Since none of them gave the exact answer he was looking for, he told them. He began by saying how his dancing hadn’t been up to par at the time.

Even though he’d practiced every single night for an entire month, he didn’t meet the company’s standards. With a straight face and calm tone, he recited exactly what the manager had told him: “San, I think you can’t do [it] together this month.”

It was such a crushing blow that San couldn’t take it. Later on, when he was in the hallway alone, he cried while he was cleaning. Even afterward, he couldn’t hold back the tears of disappointment, “I cried while I was cleaning, and I also cried on [the] sofa alone after finishing.” In the end, San did better than he’d ever imagined.

During their first-ever MAMA‘s performance, they included “Blood, Sweat & Tears” into their medley of “Wonderland”. San got the spotlight he deserved, slaying the choreography with his own unique fluidity. Based on BTS’s reactions, it was a total hit.

They made BTS’s Jungkook, Jimin, J-Hope, and RM proud with how well they did. Just look at the heartwarming smile on Jungkook’s face.

If San can overcome disappointment to succeed in achieving the ultimate goal of being seen by the idols he respects, you can too. Listen to San talk about how emotional the decision had been for him here.