ATEEZ’s San And Hongjoong Put Their Hearts Into The Perfect Birthday Cake For Jongho

They put everything fun about the maknae into one cake.

In Logbook #34 of ATEEZ Log ATEEZ‘s San and Hongjoong prepared a heartfelt birthday cake for maknae Jongho. They started by choosing the perfect one, based on the memory the group shared of going to the zoo in Australia.


Seeing that it was topped with animals, San remembered Jongho comparing himself to a monkey and asked if there was one. Because they couldn’t forget, there was a big one right on top.

For the candles, they had the words “I❤️YOU” as toppers. Hongjoong took into account Jongho’s interest in rap and decided only to use “YO.”

Hongjoong and San took this idea further by putting their own spin on it to read, “YO, I❤️U.” For the final touch, they had to put candles with Jongho’s age.

Although Hongjoong chose the right numbers, 20, they put another twist in it. They’d both decided Jongho has been living life too maturely. They wanted him to live like he’s two years younger and switched the candles around from 20 to 02.

When Jongho finally saw the cake, he appreciated it and the thought they’d put into it.

ATEEZ have no problem showing love for their maknae. See San and Hongjoong choose every part of the cake with care for Jongho.