ATEEZ San’s Message To Fans Before Swimming With Sharks Will Soften Your Heart

It’ll also make you chuckle, just a little.

Each ATEEZ member had to complete individual tasks for ATEEZ Treasure Film. San‘s mission was swimming with sharks.


Since it could be dangerous even with proper instruction, San had to sign documentation. That’s when he wrote his “last letter” to fans.

In the corner of the paper he signed off on, he sincerely wrote his thoughts at that moment: he loved and missed fans.

ATINY… I love you… I miss you…

Since he had been scared by the task, he ended it on a slightly comedic note by asking for help in addition to hoping to see ATINY again.

Please help… Hope I can see you again…

By the end of writing it, San began to feel the weight of what he was about to do while Jongho and Yunho watched in amusement.

Watch San write his brief yet heartfelt letter to ATINY. For your peace of mind, San didn’t encounter any problems with the sharks.