The Time That ATEEZ’s San Lied To Try To Gently Turn Down A Girl… But Instantly Got Caught

He tried to turn her down easy 😭😂

Let’s be honest, if you were confident and saw someone as handsome as ATEEZ‘s San and didn’t realize he was a K-Pop idol, wouldn’t you ask for his phone number?


That’s the case for what happened with one girl who tried to get his digits, but the story turned out differently than one might expect!

| @ATEEZofficial/Twitter

It took place many years ago, when the OP saw San on the street and had their friend try to get his number, as one does. Unfortunately, San told them that he didn’t have a cell phone, so of course he wouldn’t be able to give them his number, right?

Well, it turns out San did have a cell phone… And in fact, he was holding it in his hand as he told them he didn’t have one. We can only imagine how embarrassed he was once he realized!

It sounds just like kind-hearted San to try to turn someone down in that way, but unfortunately it just didn’t go as planned. We’ve all made those kinds of innocent and silly mistakes before!

This story recently resurfaced online, and ATINYs are getting a kick out of the whole incident.

Honestly, though, what we would do just to be turned down by THE Choi San…