ATEEZ’s San Will Warm Your Heart With How Much He Cares For His Grandparents

Get a man who looks at his grandparents this lovingly.

In the fourth clip of ATEEZ‘s AchallenZ, San came for fans’ hearts for the way he showed love for his grandparents.


When showing off what was inside his bag, he hadn’t expected his cell phone to appear. Even though his battery was extremely low, he wanted to show it because there was something about it that concerned his grandparents.

He lit up his lock screen, revealing his background photo. It was a photo of his grandparents. He wanted ATINYs to get a good look at the family he loved, so much that he jumped into action when the screen went black.

As you can see, my background photo is my grandparents.

Lighting up the screen once more, San had the most loving smile on his face as he pointed out they were wearing couple shirts. From the way his face lit up, no one can deny how much he cares for his grandparents.

They’re wearing couple t-shirts.

Grandparents are family members that people often take for granted. That isn’t the case for San. He keeps them right where he can think of them every day. See the love on his face as he talks about them here.