ATEEZ’s Seonghwa Sat Down For A Conversation With An ATINY’s Mom, And It Was Too Wholesome

“I keep getting emotional” — Seonghwa

ATEEZ‘s eldest member, Seonghwa, recently sat down for an interview with a special guest: an ATINY’s mom!

Though there were some slightly awkward moments at the beginning, the video was wholesome practically from beginning to end. Seonghwa was, of course, unfailingly polite, even apologizing for things that he didn’t do—such as when the ATINY’s mom told him that her daughter had missed the train home after going to an ATEEZ concert.

| HeyNews/YouTube

When Seonghwa was asked to give a quick demonstration of his performance skills, he danced to a part of “Answer,” and the fan’s mom was impressed. She even said that she felt nervous to see him in person! Seonghwa related that the moment reminded him of when he had danced to EXO‘s “Call Me Baby” to persuade his mother about training as an idol…

…and his expression after sharing that was priceless. As was the sweet comment that the ATINY’s mom made in reply!

Afterwards the lady continued reading a letter that her daughter had written to Seonghwa, and things took a hilarious turn as it was revealed that this ATINY had sneaked off to an ATEEZ event without her mother knowing. Seonghwa couldn’t hide his reaction!

And of course, he also couldn’t help apologizing.

It was when the letter turned a little more serious that Seonghwa started to get emotional. The ATINY said in her letter, “It’s because you gave me faith that my efforts and past path were not wasted,” and these words seemed to really touch Seonghwa.

Seeing him get emotional got the ATINY’s mom emotional too, and Seonghwa took that opportunity to say, “But even during those hard times, I think she has healthy thoughts.” He then expressed how grateful he is to play such a role in someone’s life.

And in turn, the ATINY’s mom shared that speaking with him had given her the chance to get to know her daughter better. She also thanked him for inspiring her daughter, and Seonghwa’s reaction showed that the words were no small thing for him.

He then gave the most heart-meltingly encouraging words, proving that he really is deeply thoughtful and selfless.

The talk ended with a lot of warm feelings from both parties, wrapping up an altogether wholesome experience. Though ATINYs already know how kind and considerate Seonghwa is, it was nice to see someone who doesn’t know him come to appreciate that in him. And of course, it was heartwarming to see how much it means to him to play such a positive role in his fans’ lives! You can watch the full video below.