ATEEZ’s Seonghwa Once Said He Would “Absolutely Not Wear” A Certain Stage Outfit, But It Ended Up Being Iconic

He even wore it again afterwards.

When it comes to fashion, K-Pop idols seldom disappoint. They never fail to make a splash online with their stylish outfits that fit any concept they’re doing.

This is definitely true with KQ Entertainment boy group ATEEZ! They talked about their fashion sense in greater detail during an interview with Cosmopolitan. Personal styles, outfit preferences, and of course, their stage costume memories were touched on.

Regarding the latter, Seonghwa revealed that he almost did not wear one of his most iconic outfits because of personal preferences. He put his foot down when the group’s stylists presented him with a certain accessory—a corset.

This happened behind the scenes of Mnet‘s survival program Kingdom (2021), specifically when ATEEZ performed “Symphony No.9 ‘From The Wonderland.'”

When we were on Kingdom [singing] Wonderland, there was a corset I said I would absolutely not wear.

— Seonghwa

The staff instinctively knew it would receive a positive response and pushed for him to wear it. Seonghwa eventually caved in, saying, “Our stylists insisted I try it out.” 

As expected, fans absolutely loved the look of a corset! He now recognizes that it was a smart choice to follow the stylists of the group.

I trusted them and I remembered the response was good.

— Seonghwa

Until today, fans still rave about Seonghwa’s godly looks in the corset online.

They love how he wore it again in later performances of “Deja Vu.” It gave him a cool, elegant, vampire-like appearance that emphasized his beauty.

Check out the full interview below to learn more about ATEEZ and their fashion sense.

Source: YouTube