ATEEZ Spills On The Heartwarming Way A Fan Acknowledged Them In The U.S.

One lucky ATINY surprised ATEEZ in a unique way.

ATEEZ embarked on their sold-out tour, The Fellowship: The Beginning of the End, earlier this year, impressing fans with their performance and the size of their sold-out venues.

ATEEZ in concert | @shiber/Pinterest

When ATEEZ appeared on the popular variety show Weekly Idol, they shared stories about their tour experience with hosts Kwanghee and Super Junior‘s Eunhyuk.

When asked if they expected to be so popular internationally, San shared that ATEEZ was touched by how many ATINYs (ATEEZ fans) attended their concert. The members all agreed that their tour was amazing, so amazing that they’re headed back on tour later this year.

While in interviews preparing for their appearance on Weekly Idol, Yunho shared a touching story from their time in the United States.

Yunho revealed that WooyoungSan, and himself had made time for some fun and took a trip to Universal Studios Hollywood after they wrapped their U.S. tour dates. While there, they were surprised to be recognized by a ride operator at the theme park.

As the three ATEEZ members were buckling their seat belts on a roller coaster, they were approached by the ride operator, who was also a huge ATEEZ fan. The fan began to dance ATEEZ’s “Say My Name” choreography expertly.

The fan also shared that he had been to ATEEZ’s concert and loved the experience.

San complimented the fan, saying he moved just like a professional dancer and danced without worrying about the other people watching that were in line for the roller coaster, really impressing the ATEEZ members.

Eunhyuk pointed out how different fan culture is in the United States, hilariously sharing in his experience that fans in Korea approach celebrities for photos, but fans in the U.S. have a different way of showing love, like dancing for their idols.

Eunhyuk and Kwanghee praised the fourth generation group for their success, noting that being recognized internationally is an impressive feat.

For the full episode of Weekly Idol, check out the video below!