ATEEZ’s Stage Presence Is Unmatched, According To ATINYs

They are unreal performers.

Recently ATEEZ proved a popular opinion in discussions about the best overall stage presence in K-Pop. This is why fans believe ATEEZ are incredible performers.

ATEEZ | @ATEEZofficial/Twitter

First, every member has insane stage presence. It’s not limited to one or two members.

They are captivating when they perform.

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For some fans, San is a perfect example of what a performer should be. He has both incredible facials and stage presence, and he can flow with the performance easily.

Fans agree that San’s fancams are something special.

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He nails every performance.

San’s constantly switching up his facial expressions while on stage.

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ATEEZ as a whole always bring massive amounts of energy to their performances.

They are invested in their performances.

You can tell they are meant to be on stage.

And when people see the group perform live…

…they always have good things to say.

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