ATEEZ Went Crazy For These Funny Filters And It Had ATINY’s Cracking Up

“The laser beam eyes when you open your mouth, that’s funny.”

In a recent live broadcast, ATEEZ‘s San, Yunho, and Seonghwa went a little too crazy over some fun filters and it was impossible not to crack up over the chaos!

Towards the end of their live, Seonghwa suddenly stated, “He’s (Yunho) trying something weird again.” Before Seonghwa even finished his sentence, he and San had a helmet filter on.

Although they were having fun with their helmet filter, San commented, “The laser beam eyes when you open your mouth, that’s funny.”

While Seonghwa searched for their “Go to” filter, he accidentally changed their helmet filter to a cute movie-themed filter. Despite it being the wrong filter, Seonghwa still had fun with it and pretended to eat the popcorn. Hilariously, Yunho joked, “No, Seonghwa needs to be on a diet.

Of course, the boys couldn’t help but try out another fun filter! This time, San, Yunho, and Seonghwa turned their room into a fun club and acted as DJs! Yunho even grabbed a hairdryer to use as a microphone and announced, “Hello, Yunho’s club time is back! Today’s guests are Park Seonghwa and Choi San.”

Finally, the members found their favorite filter and within seconds of turning it on, San knew exactly what to do! Once the filter popped up on their faces, San opened his mouth and screamed to activate the laser effect of the filter and it’s too funny!

Now that the filter was on, the three couldn’t contain their excitement and the live got even more chaotic.

From there on, San, Yunho, and Seonghwa were hooked on the filters and tried several other cute and funny ones.

Source: Naver TV