ATEEZ’s Wooyoung Adds A SEVENTEEN Member To His Group Of Close Idol Friends

“I got permission from [him] on whether I can say this.”

If you’re a fan of ATEEZ, you already know that Wooyoung is one of the most sociable and funniest members of the group. That could be part of the reason why he has quite a few idol friends.

With this in mind, he was asked who those friends were during an ASMR Tingle Interview with M2. In the process, he’d revealed that he’d become close with another idol, this one from SEVENTEEN.

Since he’s never been shy about revealing who they were, Wooyoung said, “I guess most of my fans would know about this. TXT‘s Yeonjun, Stray KidsChangbin, and Golden Child‘s TAG.”

Wooyoung then named the newest addition to his group. “The person whom I’ve recently gotten close to is SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan.” Instead of merely naming him, he went on to share what kind of friend he was to him.

With SEVENTEEN being a senior group, Wooyoung pointed out how he’s someone to look up to, “He’s a really nice senior.” Not only that, but he’s someone he can go to when he needs support and guidance, describing him as “a great older brother.”

After spilling the tea on their friendship, Wooyoung admitted that he’d checked with Seungkwan beforehand, making sure he’d be okay with him talking about it publicly.

Seungkwan didn’t have any problems with it, or the world wouldn’t have known about their cute friendship. Wooyoung ended it by saying, “I love you, Seungkwan,” and striking a V pose.

Knowing that Wooyoung has all these idol friends, fans are waiting to see photos of them all hanging out together. Until then, fans will just have to settle for the little moments when their promotions overlap.

Listen to him talk about his friendship with Seungkwan here.