ATEEZ’s Wooyoung Makes Stray Kids’ Fans Jealous By Claiming Changbin

Get a friend who claims you like Wooyoung.

After ATEEZ recorded their performance of “Wonderland” for KBS‘s Music Bank, leader Hongjoong thanked their fans ATINY and Stray Kids‘ fans STAYs, who’d also been cheering them on in the audience.


Since Wooyoung is close friends with Changbin, he couldn’t miss the opportunity to have some fun with fans and mark his territory.

After Hongjoong finished his speech and they bowed to the audience, Wooyoung made the announcement that had STAYs just a little jealous. He stated, “Changbin is mine.”

The STAYs in the audience didn’t quite agree and instantly shouted, “No,” with some even saying Changbin belonged to them instead.

In the end, the moment has melted the hearts of both ATINYs and STAYs because it’s so adorable. In fact, they’d most likely welcome more of these sweet moments.

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