ATEEZ’s Wooyoung Reveals How He And Stray Kids’ Changbin Became Best Friends

It all started before they were idols, way back in high school.

When it comes to having idol friends, ATEEZ‘s Wooyoung has quite a few, including SEVENTEEN‘s Seungkwan. While TXT‘s Yeonjun is his best friend, he also has another one: Stray KidsChangbin.

From Wooyoung mentioning how they’ve gained an interest in playing games together with Yeosang to Changbin revealing he and Woooyung workout together, they’ve never been shy about their close friendship. Because of that, fans asked about it during Wooyoung’s latest live broadcast.

As soon as Wooyoung read the comments of ATINYs, he was quick to explain how he’d first met Changbin. Since they’re both idols, one would think they met during promotions.

It turns out they’d met in high school, “Changbin? Changbin… He was my friend’s friend in high school.” Remembering how it happened, he shared the memory.

As most school kids do with their free time, Wooyoung invited his friend to come over to his house and left off steam. “There was a friend back in high school. They came to my house and played.” There was something different about that day, though.

Wooyoung recalled that his friend didn’t come alone, “He said he was bringing a friend. I said, ‘Alright. Okay.'” He was someone very familiar, “That friend was Changbin.” While that was the start of their friendship, that wasn’t how they’d reached best friend level.

After meeting Changbin then, Wooyoung ran into him again. This time, they happened to have overlapping promotions as idols. Wooyoung approached him, “So, at Music Bank, ‘Hi, do you remember me?'”

Changbin hadn’t forgotten about him, causing their friendship to take off from there, “He said he still remembered me, so we became closer since then. So, now we became best friends.”

Even though Wooyoung and Changbin had been apart, they somehow managed to meet again to become the best of friends. If that isn’t heart-warming, what is?

Now that it’s been revealed how they became close, all that fans need is how he and Yeonjun became best friends as well. Changbin most likely became friends with Yeonjun thanks to Wooyoung.

Listen to Wooyoung go back in time to recall his first meeting with Changbin and how they grew so close, starting from 28:37.