ATEEZ’s Wooyoung And San Wouldn’t Let Anyone Stop Them From Being Near TXT’s Yeonjun

Tag yourself. I’m Hueningkai.

ATEEZ‘s Wooyoung and TXT‘s Yeonjun have known each other for such a long time that they call themselves best friends. San even has a close friendship with Yeonjun as well.


Since both of their groups attended the Golden Disc Awards, it was the perfect opportunity for them to sneak in a little bonding time.

When it was ATEEZ’s turn to step on stage and bask in the spotlight, Wooyoung led the way with San following right behind him. Once he saw Yeonjun there, Wooyoung knew exactly where he wanted to be.

They’d been so focused on standing next to Yeonjun, they hadn’t noticed their own group members motioning for them to come back. They even missed Seonghwa waving, who’d been the closest to them.

Even Yeonjun caught onto their mistake, urging them to go back. Once Wooyoung and San realized, they hustled right over to where they were supposed to be standing.

The up-close look of all of their reactions has fans loving the interaction even more. Hueningkai laughing, Yeonjun trying to talk, and the surprise on Wooyoung and San’s faces.

Funnily enough, Wooyoung and San ended up where they’d initially wanted to be soon after, with Yeonjun right beside them.

See the funny yet adorable moment between the best friends in ATEEZ and TXT here.