ATEEZ’s Wooyoung Shouts Out The Close Friends In TXT And Stray Kids He Misses Most

When given the opportunity to send them a message, he took it.

During a radio show appearance, ATEEZ took the opportunity to shout out the close friends they don’t see often.


When it was Wooyoung‘s turn, he didn’t hold back his feelings and called out his closest idol friends.

Outside of his group, Wooyoung named TXT‘s Yeonjun

…and Stray KidsChangbin as his closest friends. On top of that, Wooyoung sent them a brief, heartfelt message.

With ATEEZ, Stray Kids, and TXT all focusing on their own promotions and preparations, Wooyoung said, “I miss you.”

There’s nothing like having friends by your side, especially those who understand your lifestyle. Maybe Wooyoung will soon get the chance to meet up with his ’99 liner friends. All three groups’ promotions seem close to aligning due to all the October comebacks.