ATEEZ’s Wooyoung Tried To Show Off His Amazing Dance Skills…But It Took A Hilarious Turn

“He was so charismatic, but suddenly became humorous.”

ATEEZ‘s Wooyoung is an amazing dancer and everyone knows it! Wooyoung was able to show off his dance skills during their latest appearance on the “HANBAM’s” YouTube channel!

| @ATEEZofficial/Twitter

During the episode, each member complimented one another and their words were incredibly sweet! When Wooyoung’s turn to receive compliments came around, the members gave him a lot praise!

For one, and this one is obvious, the members commented how Wooyoung is “Sexy.” The members shared, “We’ve talked too much about him being sexy.”

Yeosang then mentioned that Wooyoung has “Most of ATEEZ’s killing parts on stage.” As for which one of Wooyoung’s killing parts fans need to watch, leader Hongjoong claimed Wooyoung’s killing part in “Say My Name” is a must-see! Hongjoong explained, “The part where Wooyoung dances in the center” is a captivating killing part of his.

Wooyoung then stood up and demonstrated his skilled moves for the viewers, but adorably, it didn’t go as everyone anticipated it to…

… because Wooyoung’s jacket hilariously got stuck on top of his head!

But honestly, Wooyoung still looked as cool as he would if the jacket didn’t find its way to the top of his head!

Ultimately his members loving teased and laughed at the wardrobe malfunction. San stated, “He was so charismatic, but suddenly became humorous.”

Despite everything that happened, Wooyoung played it off smoothly!

Wooyoung redeemed himself and danced again for his members and they were all impressed!

Check out Wooyoung’s cute mishap below: