ATEEZ’s Wooyoung Might Be Starting New Traditions With His Unique Ways Of Celebrating Yunho’s Birthday


ATEEZ‘s Yunho celebrated his birthday on March 23, and his members celebrated enthusiastically right alongside him. While each member has their own unique way of showing appreciation, Wooyoung had particularly funny ways of making Yunho’s birthday special.

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Fans have pointed out that ATEEZ have very creative birthday traditions…

…but one thing that ATINYs have been looking forward to is a somewhat newer trend: Wooyoung’s congratulatory selfies…of himself. While others might post cute selfies with the birthday boy…

…Wooyoung made everyone laugh last year when he congratulated Yunho on his birthday with a solo selfie.

While the picture Wooyoung posted this year was equally hilarious…

| @ATEEZofficial/Twitter

…posting a solo selfie is such a Wooyoung thing to do that ATINYs can’t help but hope it becomes a permanent tradition!

As for birthday presents, Wooyoung gifted Yunho this year with a cool new Apple watch. But, hilariously, he also insisted that Yunho show it off during his birthday live stream.

And what’s even funnier, perhaps, is the fact that Yunho obliged…

…which just proves how sweet he is! But that was not everything he got from Wooyoung. Wooyoung made him a special seaweed soup for his birthday, since he had always wanted to cook something special for his friend. Even though Yunho was not told which dish was Wooyoung’s, he had no trouble identifying it from among the other dishes, saying it was because he already knows the taste of Wooyoung’s cooking.

Seeing as Wooyoung is passionate about cooking, making the seaweed soup was another very Wooyoung way of celebrating Yunho’s birthday. Pictures of the making of this soup were uploaded to ATEEZ’s Instagram account…

| @ateez_official_/Instagram

…and it’s enough to make anyone jealous. In fact, Wooyoung’s cooking could even be another ATEEZ birthday tradition! Just to add to the pile of Wooyoung’s special ways of celebrating his members’ birthdays.