Just Showing Appreciation For ATEEZ Member Yeosang’s Incredible Footwork And Gorgeous Legs

ATEEZ’s Doberman is ripped AND talented!

Being both a visual and a lead dancer in ATEEZ is no easy task, but Yeosang carries both of these titles with grace and awe-inspiring talent.

From debut until now — over the course of a little over three years — Yeosang has grown so much as an artist, both in his skills and his confidence. He was a talented person when ATEEZ debuted in 2018, but it’s been so amazing to see how much he has flourished since then!

Recently, a Twitter user made a post dedicated to showing appreciation for Yeosang’s incredible footwork, and it deserves to be shared far and wide so ATINYs and non-ATINYs alike can see and appreciate the ATEEZ member’s talent.

Not to mention, he’s also totally ripped, so we’re showing some appreciation for his gorgeous, muscled legs too 👀

To start off, it’s quickly made evident that Yeosang had incredible dance abilities even in his rookie days!

It’s amazing that he hasn’t hurt himself considering some of the difficult stunts he has pulled off.

He makes the most difficult footwork look like a piece of cake!

Even less-than-ideal shoes don’t seem to inhibit his abilities at all.

He makes other groups’ choreographies look like his own with how easily he performs them!

And now, as promised, just some appreciation for Yeosang’s incredible legs!

There’s no denying that Yeosang really is an all-rounder!