ATEEZ’s Yeosang Proved He Is ATEEZ’s Most Considerate Member When Hongjoong Fell Asleep Before Their Live

It’s Yeosang and his wholesome vibes only.

ATEEZ‘s Yeosang held a live with fans with fans on February 13 in which he proved he’s one of ATEEZ’s most sweet and considerate members.

| @ateez_official_/Instagram

For one, fans loved his quiet and humble reaction during the live when he was given a compliment…

(though one has to wonder how he’d react to what fans think of his heart…)

…while the way he talked about San was simply lovable, with Yeosang saying that he feels like San is the cutest member in the group these days.

In fact, though he is not normally the type to tease people or poke fun at them, he hilariously said that out of all the members, San is the one he will sometimes tease for no real reason.

But perhaps the best moment of the live stream came when, after Yeosang had repeatedly mentioned that Hongjoong would make an appearance, Hongjoong failed to show up. Yeosang decided to call him…only to find that Hongjoong had been sleeping. But instead of scolding Hongjoong for missing their live or insisting that he come, Yeosang actually felt guilty for waking him up!

He did find Hongjoong’s sleepy voice amusing…

…but ultimately he told Hongjoong to go back to sleep. He gave Hongjoong the chance to briefly greet ATINYs, but he insisted that it was ok for Hongjoong not to come for the live, telling him to return to his much-deserved rest instead.

Yeosang spent a bit over an hour on live answering fans’ questions, including questions about the members’ dynamic in the dorms (Yeosang thinks Hongjoong is the most active), and even giving his personal advice on what to do when one is nervous. And though his method may be somewhat odd…

…considering Yeosang’s charisma as a performer, it seems like it is at least worth trying!

Yeosang may not be as loudly affectionate as San and Wooyoung, but it’s always great to see how he shows his kind nature and consideration towards his members in live streams like this. In fact, ATINYs have hilariously pointed out that, while the loudest and most chaotic members have returned to South Korea, Hongjoong and Seonghwa have ‘kept’ the quieter members behind with them.

Hongjoong must have been happy it was Yeosang he missed the live with and not one of the louder members! We’re definitely here for more of Yeosang’s quiet moments of cuteness. If you’re interested in watching the full live, you can see it on the link below.