ATEEZ’s Yunho Gives Their Staff Heart Attacks With The #GunbaeChallenge

Their staff were so scared they ran for the hills.

ATEEZ recently made a comeback with the title track “Answer” that celebrates their long journey of searching and claiming the treasure they’ve sought all along. Wanting to create a fun challenge out of it for fans, they captured the energy of the song with one lyric.


They’ve turned the iconic line gunbae haja, or “let’s make a toast,” into the #Gunbae_Challenge. Making a toast doesn’t seem scary at all—until Yunho put a twist on it that had their staff running for the hills.

A female staff member walked over to the fridge, most likely expecting to see snacks or drinks inside. When she opened the freezer, she got an unexpected surprise. As soon as she spotted Yunho inside, she screamed and jerked away from it, causing the door to swing just a bit closed.

Yunho wasn’t phased one bit by giving their staff member a heart attack. With a smile on his face, he held out his coffee cup like he was making a toast and sang the lyrics, “Gunbae haja like a thunder.” That wasn’t the only person he’d given a heart attack, either. He was already prepared for his next scare.

Having the same idea that they would find food in the fridge, a male staff member was the next victim to open it for a startling surprise. He slowly opened the door and nearly jumped out of his skin when he saw Yunho inside. Like before, he leaned out and sang the song’s iconic lyric, “Let’s make a toast like a thunder.”

As the male staff member stood in shock, processing the scariness, Yunho opened the bottom of the fridge and walked out with the cup of coffee. He couldn’t help but crack up at how successful he’d been in giving their staff heart attacks.


Watch Yunho scare their unsuspecting staff members by popping out of a fridge here. Will you be following his lead and scaring someone with the #Gunbae_Challenge?