ATEEZ’s Yunho Recreates His Adorable Childhood “Digimon” Dance

This is the cutest!

ATEEZ‘s Yunho just recreated his legendary dance from his childhood and it’s the cutest thing you’ll ever see!

Back in June, Yunho’s childhood performance to a song from Digimon was posted on the group’s official Twitter account along with the caption, “As I expected, it must have been destiny.” Of course, this cute throwback dance recital got Yunho’s name trending!

The video definitely proved Yunho has always been a shining star. After the tweet was posted, ATINYs praised Yunho’s talent!

Yunho once again blessed ATINYs by recreating his adorable dance during his latest live broadcast!

While he clearly had skills from when he was a child, Yunho showed he definitely transformed into a true superstar!

Source: Naver TV