Remembering The Time That ATEEZ’s Yunho And San Defied Gravity… Just To Win Hide-And-Seek

Yunho really is Spiderman 😂

Out of all the members of ATEEZYunho and San are among the silliest and most energetic — which is saying a lot, because the whole group could fit that description!

Yunho giving San a piggyback ride

This has been true since before ATEEZ debuted, and can be seen in videos taken of the members back during those days. And recently, a clip of the group playing hide-and-seek during their pre-debut era has been making the rounds on Twitter again due to Yunho and San’s antics!

San and Yunho

During a trip to the United States, ATEEZ would be staying at a hotel for a month. Unfortunately, the place didn’t have enough beds for all of the members, so they decided to play a game of hide-and-seek to determine who would get to sleep in them. Since Mingi and Wooyoung were having back pain at the time, they were automatically elected to take two of the beds, with the third bed given to whoever won the game.

Mingi and Wooyoung

Each of the members chose a different place to hide, which included Yunho somehow squeezing himself on top of the refrigerator! Similarly, San also managed to get himself up on top of the cupboards, which resulted in him winning.

You can watch the entire game in the video below, starting from about 9 minutes in.

Fans are wheezing about how serious Yunho is about winning games 😂

Others just don’t understand how he even managed to fit on top of the refrigerator!

And of course, ATINYs got a kick out of San as well.

It just goes to show that ATEEZ was hilariously chaotic even before they debuted!