ATEEZ’s Yunho Is So Tall That He Has An Officially Designated Job In The Group That No One Else Can Do

It’s a crucial role!

ATEEZ recently held their WANTED SPECIAL SHOWCASE LIVE event in which they discussed many things, including their favorite places to visit in Korea and other special tips from the members.

As they went through some polaroid pictures of the group, the host prodded the members with some questions about how they take their selfies. Seonghwa gave some tips, but then the host pointed out that it must be tricky to take good group selfies, as ATEEZ has eight members. And that’s a lot of people for one selfie!

Yunho took this question, explaining that ATEEZ’s secret trick to taking great group selfies is…his long arms! In fact, he hilariously called himself the ‘official ATEEZ selfie stick.’

The members all agreed. Since Yunho is so tall, his arms seem to be the only ones long enough to get a good angle for group selfies. In fact, he and fellow tall line member, Mingi, hilariously shared that their nickname together is “the Twin Towers” because they always have to stand at each end of the group when taking pictures.

Fans can only thank Yunho, the offical ATEEZ Selfie Stick, for all the great and memorable ATEEZ selfies we’ve gotten! If you want to see the whole live stream of the event then you can check it out in the link below.