ATEEZ’s Yunho Is One Of The Most Successful Rain Fanboys Of All Time And Here’s How

Their friendship is so wholesome!

Sometimes it’s fun to imagine what it would be like if you could meet your favorite idol. What would you say to them? What would you wear? Would you be nervous?

Well, ATEEZ‘s Yunho doesn’t have to dream! Even though he himself has been an idol for more than two years, Yunho has not only met, but also collaborated with a man that he considers to be one of his idols: K-Pop legend Rain.

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The first interaction between the two that went viral among ATINYs was when ATEEZ performed a cover of “It’s Raining” on the Rain themed-episode of Immortal Songs. Even before the final results came out, the group received immense praise from Rain, who went as far as to call ATEEZ “the superstar of the next generation.”

Then, when ATEEZ was crowned the overall winner of the episode, Rain got on stage to give them their trophy. As he clapped for them, Yunho stood up from his bowing position and asked Rain for a hug! Of course, Rain obliged, resulting in this wholesome moment:

About one month after the Immortal Songs episode aired, fans were surprised with yet another interaction between the two! Yunho made an appearance alongside Rain on his official Tik Tok page to participate in the #WHYDONTWE challenge.


오늘도 #WHYDONTWE with @ateez_official_ #FIREWORKS 💥☄️

♬ WHY DON’T WE (Feat. 청하) – 비 (Rain)

Recently, STARSHIP Entertainment announced that Yunho and fellow ATEEZ member Hongjoong will be participating in the 2021 PEPSIxSTARSHIP campaign as K-Pop partners. Only a few days after that, it was confirmed that Rain is also going to be part of the project!

ATINYs are hoping this could mean more Yunho x Rain moments will be happening in the future!

What do you think about Yunho and Rain’s friendship?


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