ATEEZ Competes In A Challenge With Fans To See Who Can Stay Quiet The Longest

Would you be able to make it through?

ATEEZ started a fun series called 82Challenge that started on March 10. This is a series of eight episodes starring ATEEZ as they take on special challenges with their fans!

In their most recent episode, ATEEZ competed against ATINY’s during an 82dB silent fan meet.

The rules of the game are simple: try to make the opposing team make noise that goes over 82dB! The team that stays quiet the longest, wins!

They even had security and police officers standing guard to catch those that hit over the 82dB mark. Sound detectors were also placed in various areas around the room so they could catch as many people possible.

They started their “Wonderland” performance but with no sound, making them look quite ridiculous. Fans, however, were much stronger and stayed quiet no matter how funny it was.

ATEEZ seemed to be losing against fans as they kept returning to the back room after failing to keep the noise level down.

They tried their best to make their fans make some noise, but they were not successful.

They even tried to scare some fans in the audience but the fans did not budge one bit.

They resorted to fun head wear to see if this could make ATINY’s laugh.

Unfortunately, nothing could make their fans budge. The group began to lose it and dance like crazy on stage. While some fans did get kicked out for going over the 82 dB rule, it wasn’t enough to beat ATEEZ’s score.

Overall, ATINY’s won the challenge by a long shot! GG ATEEZ!

Would you be able to succeed in playing this game?

Watch the full episode below!