Here is Why ATEEZ’s San Has Everyone Falling In Love With Him Again After His Appearance On “Running Man”

He’s the whole package!

Fans have been excited for ATEEZ‘s San‘s appearance in Running Man since the first teaser for the episode was dropped. Now that the episode has aired, San has made fans proud, demonstrating not only his incredible visuals but also his kind and attentive personality.

| @ATEEZofficial/Twitter

Of course, ATINY are always ready to support him, but this appearance in particular has everyone falling in love with him all over again, and here is why.

To begin with, San acted, as one fan put it, like “the action hero protagonist that he is” throughout the episode.

He not only displayed flawless visuals…

…but he also demonstrated his impressive athleticism.

In fact, while the hosts of the show teased him for ‘playing’ cool…

…there is no denying that he definitely did look cool! Perhaps even more so when he politely and attentively helped his senior by passing him towels.

And of course, when he absolutely melted everyone’s hearts by showing how considerate he was towards fellow cast member, OH MY GIRL‘s Arin.

Even Sechan teased his fellow host Somin for wanting to be partnered with San in a game that involved holding handsโ€”and who can blame her?

After a lot of hard work, San came in first in this episode, and it was well-deserved!

Fans were certainly proud, with one ATINY even claiming that San felt like the main character of the episode.

And it’s hard to deny that, particularly since he did so well in the competitions and charmed so many people with his perfect manners and attentiveness (and looked good while doing it). San really is the whole package! Congratulations to San on such a successful variety show appearance. Fans will be waiting to see more!