ATEEZ’s San Wasn’t Allowed To Release His Audition Video, So He Reenacted It

The video may be forbidden but San has given the fans what they want

When ATEEZ visited the variety show Weekly Idol in September, San explained how he had been wanting to show his fans his audition video, but the group’s management stopped him. So instead, he chose to reenact his audition, leading to much amusement for both the fans and the members.


It all started when the fans requested that San reenact his audition video. San explained that he wanted to release the video, but his managers had not allowed him to.

That being the case, he then agreed to reenact the video, with Yunho volunteering to judge the accuracy of San’s reenacting…

… while San took a minute to immerse himself in the role of his younger self.

Then the ‘audition’ got underway, with San hilariously playing up how awkward he was as a kid, even surprising the ‘judges’ with an unexpected awkward handshake, which the members confirmed had indeed happened.

San then announced that he’d be rapping, singing and dancing, starting with a rap about his father, much to the amusement of host Eunhyuk. While Wooyoung clearly enjoyed the performance, older members Seonghwa and Hongjoong looked like they were experiencing second-hand embarrassment.

Then they moved on to the next part of the audition, which was the dance. San had prepared the choreography for EXO‘s “Overdose,” and the members wondered if he could reenact it accurately. They immediately objected when he failed to do so.

The members then proceeded to expose San, with Wooyoung claiming that San was trying to act cool.

So then the hosts asked Hongjoong to play San instead, just to see what San had really been like on his audition. Hongjoong chose to show the ‘correct’ version of San’s rap.

And even San had to admit that Hongjoong’s performance was more historically accurate. Wooyoung, supportive bro as ever, claimed that San was simply too cool now.

San was then asked to show his real audition dance, but Hongjoong volunteered Yunho to do it instead, for the sake of accuracy. And of course, Yunho did not disappoint.

Even the other members joined in, explaining that everyone called San’s audition dance ‘the rice-planting dance.’

Ultimately, the funny memories gave everyone a good laugh, and San topped off the segment by dancing to “Overdose” as his current self, with all the dancing prowess he has acquired…

…before breaking out into one final rice-plant dance that had a perfect, San-like ending.


After this hilarious story, fans will surely want to see San’s audition video even more. Even the members believe that, despite how embarrassing the video might be, it could only make fans love San more, as they would be able to see just how hard he’s worked to get this far. Here’s hoping that KQ Entertainment listens to the fans and allows San to drop the video!