ATEEZ’s Yunho Stuns Everyone With His Magical Special Ability With Hats

They thought San was helping him, but Yunho might just be magic.

During ATEEZ‘s interview/mukbang/healing time with JRE, Yunho took the opportunity to let the world know that he’s a magical guy. After being gifted with hats, Hongjoong announced that Yunho had a “magic” special ability that he would be showing.

After announcing it, Yunho begins to “levitate” the hat from off of his head and it lands on the windowsill behind him.

San was sitting quite close to his back, so JRE originally thought San was the culprit behind the illusion, so Yunho did it once more, this time with San leaning far away from him.

JRE (and the world) were baffled at how Yunho did this, and JRE even tried to do it himself and failed.

Some quick-witted ATINY have already figured out exactly how Yunho pulled off this trick, but we don’t want to spoil the fun for those who haven’t. (Did he hone his magic skills, or didn’t he?)

Watch the magic trick below & see if you can spot how Yunho pulled off this special ability: