This Is What Attending NCT 127’s Offline Concert Was Really Like

Is this the future of concerts?

Since the pandemic, in person concerts have changed tremendously. One fan who attended NCT 127‘s  NEO CITY : SEOUL THE LINK  offline concert explained what the show was really like.

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In November 2021, South Korea began opening back up for in-person concerts, with certain restrictions of course. Large-scale performances could only be held with approval from the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. Additionally, concert goers needed to be vaccinated for shows with over 500 attendees, and the number of seats would be limited.

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One fan recalled what it was like when the NCT 127 concerts were first announced.

As soon as the concerts were announced, many fans said they would be willing to do anything, even hang from the Sky Dome’s ceiling, for the chance to see the shows.

— Soyoon Lee

Normally concerts are a place where fans can sing along to their favorite songs and scream when their favorite member comes onstage. This was not the case.

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This fan remembered how hard it was to remain quiet during the concert, especially during particularly steamy moments.

The moment Johnny began his shirtless dance routine, the clapping went off the charts. I could hear some fans letting out whimpers, as if trying to get out their emotions any way they could. They also hit their thighs or pulled their hair, but their was no yelling.

— Soyoon Lee

Soyoon Lee recalls that even though there were 5,000 fans in attendance, “the arena was stunningly quiet.” Fans could only wave their light sticks.

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One moment during the concert even became viral after Johnny performed his sexy solo stage, and all fans could do was clap. If it were allowed, fans would have been screaming for sure.


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As a sense of normalcy returns, concert goers can only hope that one day they’ll be able to scream as loud as they want while watching a performance.

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